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atl_underground's Journal

the darker side of atlanta
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
this community is for the darker people of atlanta. goths (and all the sub-genres), metal heads, everyone that has a darker side of living in atlanta.

the comm name does not stand for underground atlanta, the venue/mall/club destination!
the name meens underground SCENE!

-meet new people
-post news, events, pictures, stories about your weekend for example ... just keep it on
the darkside.

people that do not live in atlanta can post.
just keep the info on the general area.

the rules are as follows:
-Don't be rude.
if you have something nasty to say keep to your nasty self.-
-Nude Pictures Must be Behide a lj-cut and must say "not work safe" or "some nudity". if you do not know how to do an lj-cut do not post nude pictures! if you need help ask someone in the community.-
-More than Two Pictures must be behind an Lj Cut.-
-don’t post long poems, personal journal entries,they will be removed.-
-All Members Vote And Promote-

Things To get you Banned:
-Being Rude-
-Posting before being a member-
-Joining but not putting up an Application-

-application (this is easy!)

(+) Name:
(+) Age:
(+) Location:
(+) Gender:
(+) Interests:
(+) How long have you lived in atlanta? (areas around atlanta):
(+) In what ways are you dark?
(+) Why should you be accepted?
(+) please promote the community.

(+)Post a atleast 3 picture of yourself:

thankyou that will be all.
if you have any questions
your mod is